Some quick, efficient tips for deodorizing carpets


How often do you struggle with the abominable task of cleaning your carpets? If you began muttering to yourself at this very thought, then its time to make your life a little easier by giving you some useful tips for deodorizing carpets. These tips will not only help you put an end to all those nasty odors, but keep your carpets fresh and fragrant always.

little1 1) In order to remove the dampening odors from your carpets, you can try and use a mix of plain water and 20% vinegar. Once you have processed the carpets through this solution, you can shampoo the carpet so that it smells fresh and fragrant.

2) Are you battling with pee and poop stains? Just don’t have the heart to lock up your little dog/puppy/kitten in the next room? If this is the case, then you don’t need to worry. You can get rid of such stains by sprinkling the carpet generously with some baking soda and brushing off the residual material next morning. You can even try vacuuming off the dirt the next day.

3) Try and put some bowls of vinegar around the room where the carpet is placed. This is useful for absorbing all those obnoxious smells right out of the room as well as the carpet.

4) Keep your house well ventilated. Usually, the major cause of moisture is humidity in the immediate atmosphere which can really mess up your carpets. By ventilating your house, you prevent any kind of humidity which is the most probable cause of carpet odors.

5) Last but not the least, you can seek the help of a certified carpet cleaner who specializes in the kind of carpet cleaning you need. This is a very elaborate task and if you feel your not skilled enough to undertake the deodorizing process, you should seek the help of Carpet Doctor

These were some of the tips for deodorizing carpets. Try them out for obtaining better results.