Green tips for removing urine odor. written by: markar

The powerful smell of the urine in your clothing or home may permeate the air as well as cause you much grief. If you have pets or small children who normally have urine accidents on the carpets, walls as well as on their beds it may be a challenge to you. Knowing how to neutralize and clean the urine odor is therefore very important. The following are the green tips for removing urine odor.


You are required to first mix together a single part of Listerine with two parts of water in the spray bottle. Then spray the affected areas till wet. Allow the solution settle for several hours. After this, use old towels so as to blot up the solution. Then you should make a paste with a baking soda and water in order to eliminate the smell of the urine. Use adequate soda so as to cover the smelling area. Add enough water in order to paste and then rub it into the smelling areas. Spray the paste with a white vinegar and then wipe the baking water, soda and vinegar up using some cold old towels. Rinse that area using water and then blot it dry. When you hire a carpet cleaning Apollo Beach company to clean your carpets ask if they are green cleaners.


You may also remove the urine odor from clothing or bedding by soaking that clothing in a washing machine using a large batch of a baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing soap. You may add enough water in order to cover all the bedding or clothing. Allow it to soak during the night and then wash normally. Ensure that you have spotted the fabric so as to ensure that peroxide will not bleach it out. Remove the urine odor from the furniture or mattresses by using the similar directions as urine in the carpet. Ensure to pour adequate of the mixture into the area in order to penetrate down the mattress or the foam pad of your furniture thus removing the odor.


You may just use these green tips for removing urine odor and they will work out fine for you.


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