The Top 3 Carpet Fiber. written by: mwendase

Around 97% of carpet fibers are made from synthetic fibers. They are better than natural fibers because they are more resistant to strain and less expensive.

Carpet fiber has a direct bearing on the quality of the carpet. Strong fibers will be more durable and more beautiful. Nevertheless, strong fibers will be more expensive but will be more durable and will gives your house class.

The 3 types of carpet fiber that are durable and most loved are;

Nylon carpet.

Nylon is the most common carpet fiber that has been used for decades. Of all carpet fibers, nylon is the most versatile.

Nylon is flexible and this is the main that it reason that has been widely used. It can be used in making variety of carpet styles.

It is durable and does not lose color easily and is somehow soft.

Nylon is not inherently resistant to stain, nylon carpets are treated against household spills and stains.



Olefin or Polypropylene.

It is the second valued carpet fiber after nylon.

They are water resistant, and it does not form mold easily.

Unlike polyester carpets, olefin carpets are suitable for high traffic areas. They are durable and strong. Olefin carpets are resistance to abrasion and are also very easy to clean.

Olefin carpets are less expensive than nylon and wool. This is probably the reason why olefin carpets are gaining popularity.

Olefin carpets should be clean maintained.



Polyester carpet.

It is also widely used. Though not resilient has nylon, polyester carpets are durable if properly constructed and handled.

Due to technological advancements, polyester carpets are now, more durable than some years back. Machines can now twist and tuft polyester yarns thus significantly improving durability of polyester carpets.

Polyester carpets are suited for low to medium traffic rooms such as bedrooms. Nevertheless, polyester carpets will also give room a good and classy standard. Visit to learn more.






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