Dryer vent cleaning

Many people don’t realize how important it is to make sure that your dryer vent is cleaned on a regular basis. Not only does cleaning your dryer vent regularly make it more energy efficient and help safe on the amount of your utility cost but it also makes your dryer safer to operate. Failure to clean your dryer vent could lead to a fire in your home.

When you clean your dryer vent you are probably only cleaning the lint that you see but that doesn’t mean that you have done a thorough job in cleaning cleaning the dryer and removing the lint. The lint that you don’t see can be the most important lint that needs to be removed. A portion of the lint from drying laundry will be trapped in the lint trap, the other portion of the lint travels through your dryer into the dryer’s system and trapping it there. This can mean lint is trapped in the wall, attic or crawl space area depending on how your dryer is set up.
The lint that you are unable to see can propose a great fire hazard. People seem to forget about lint that they can’t see but it’s still there and it’s accumulating. It’s important to make sure that you clean the dryer system completely in order for it to be safe and to operate properly. If your clothes are not drying in the amount of time that they used to, it may be due to the build up of lint in the vent system of the dryer.
Dryer vents can be properly cleaned with the proper tools such as air being forced through the vents, flexible tools that are able to reach and extract the lint and special brushes that are able to fit into the dryer vent areas to easily remove the lint. Most carpet cleaning  Apollo Beach Fl experts also clean dryer vents.

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